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Place du Casino

For more than 150 years now, Place du Casino has been a meeting place for everyone who lives the Monte-Carlo lifestyle. Since 1863, the square is surrounded by the prestigious Hôtel de Paris and Casino de Monte-Carlo. One only had to cross the square to get to the gaming tables of Casino de Monte-Carlo. Across the street from the hotel, Café de Paris, with its famous terrace, has become an important meeting place for those who would like to enjoy the Monaco way of life, be it for an hour or for good.

Celebrations above all else

The Place du Casino is also a place for celebration, such as the iconic dinner in 2013 to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Société des Bains de Mer, for which the square was entirely covered in turf. Bigger and brighter shows take place every year in December to bring in the new year with great enthusiasm. In the summer, the Place du Casino comes alive with its Casino Nights – all-night events with music, concerts, shows, and games in full swing until dawn. The Place du Casino has constantly reinvented itself over the last century and has always been a hit: the Pavillons Monte-Carlo are not only a promenade for exceptional luxury shopping, but also boast extravagant architecture with a touch of modernity. Can you think of a better place to have some fun?


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