Etienne Daho will perfom his new tour: “BlizTour” at the Opera Garnier Monte-Carlo next 1st of August 2018 for the Monte-Carlo Sporting Summer Festival!


Freshly decorated with a “Victoire de la musique d’honneur” to celebrate his entire career, Etienne Daho will be performing at the Opéra Garnier on 1st August. Blitz Tour, his new tour, celebrates the release of the 14th album of the prince of French pop, titled Blitz, which has been unanimously applauded as one of his greatest artistic successes and as a new demonstration of the elegance of French pop, of which he is undeniably the ruler.

Originating from the Rennes scene, which, along with Jacno, Marquis de Sade and Taxi Girl, gave the French-speaking new wave its finest icons, Daho influenced la chanson française with the elegance of a melodious and poetic pop, nourished with influences of rock, electro and dance. Since the early 1980s, his albums have marked his brilliant and tasteful career:   “Mythomane” (1981), “La Notte la Notte” (1984), “Tombé pour la France” (1985) “Pop Satori” (1987), etc.

40 years later, Dahomania, nourished by a cascade of hits (“Le Grand Sommeil”, “Week-end à Rome”, “Tombé pour la France”, “Epaule Tatoo”, etc.) seems to be just as strong. After Les Chansons de l’innocence retrouvée, with their cinematographic chords, their chiaroscuro décor of a fashionable and underworld London, this heady “Diskönoir”, which will give rise to a tour of ecstasy, Blitz, a high-flying psychedelic fresco dedicated to Syd Barett, crowns nearly 50 years of pop with new gems “Les Flocons de l’été” and “L’Etincelle”.

Additional Informations
Artist :

Festival :
Monte-Carlo Sporting Summer Festival

Venue :
Opéra Garnier

Date :
1 August 2018

Minimum age: 7 years old € per person

Doors open :
8:00 PM

Sort of events :
Seated concert

Concert starts:

Dress Code :
Correct attire

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