/ Majid AlMohandis – Oriental Night

Majid AlMohandis – Oriental Night

Majid AlMohandis will be in concert at the Salle des Étoiles on 11th August 2017, for the Monte-Carlo Sporting Summer Festival and the Oriental Night!


Majid Alattabi, who is known as Majid Almohandis, started in late 1993 his first steps to accomplish his dream – to be a singer – and moved to Jordan where he began his artistic career with his song “Moshkela” and later with his popular songs “Ala Modek” and “Waheshni moot”. His love for music and singing grew bigger as he was influenced by the most famous Arab and Iraqi artists such as Nazem Al Ghazali, Dakhel Hassan, Mohammad AbdelWahab and AbdelHalim Hafez. He reached a wide diversified number of fans in Iraq and Arab Countries and had a great place in their hearts. He was “Talk of the Town” which grabbed Rotana Audio and Visual’s attention and they joined ventures by signing “The Contract”. Since then, Majid’s songs occupied the 1st rank in the playoffs and he became one of the most demanded singers in the region. A number of Arab singers have recently been racing to collaborate with Khaliji singer Majid AlMohandis. He even composed songs for several artists such as Mohammad Abdo Nawal Al Kuweitiya, Abdallah Al Ruwaished, Shirine AbdelWahab, Angham… He has several songs composed by important artists like AbdelRab Idris, Mohammad Abdo, Rabeh Sakr and Khathem Al Saher. Majid is known for his patriotic attachment to his home country Iraq. Therefore, he wrote and performed National Songs: “Tefraj Ya Iraq”, “Jannah Jannah” and “Balad Al Habayeb”. In 2010, he co-composed with Nasser El Saleh the Operate “Wehdet Watan” in Al Janadriya, in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. After which, he received the Saudi Nationality, a honor that Majid appreciates. He also performed with Mohammad Abdo, Abed El Majid Abdallah, Rashed al Majed and Abas Ibrahim. In 2012, he released a new album “Ana Wayyak” which had an amazing success, especially that it was launched on 8 October 2012 in Royal Albert Hall, London. Then, Majid released 4 video clips of his new album’s songs “Saharni Halaha”, “Ana Wayyak” and “Leit Lee” and “Ana Hanet” which received the audience’s admiration; just a few days ago that already became a big Hit. In 2016, he received the Best Arab Singer Award and Best Song Award with “Tenadek” in Beirut and the Big Apple Music Award in New –York. An audience’s admiration he will find this summer on stage at the Salle des Étoiles.

Additional Informations
Artist :
Majid AlMohandis

Festival :
Monte-Carlo Sporting Summer Festival

Venue :
Salle des Etoiles

Date :
11 August 2017

403.50 € per person excluding drinks

Doors open :

Sort of events :
Dinner show

Dinner show

Dress Code :
Jacket required

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