Patricia Kaas

Patricia Kaas will be in concert at the Opéra Garnier Monte-Carlo on the 9th of August 2017, for the Monte-Carlo Sporting Summer Festival !


The themes of her new album, which appeared last year under the simple title Patricia Kaas, are rather somber. However, the singer is more beautiful, radiant and smiling than ever. Finally rid of her demons, feeling comfortable with herself and in her Louboutin, Mademoiselle enjoys singing the blues again as well as a few new songs all her own after two shows devoted to the 1930s (Kabaret) and to Edith Piaf. On stage at the Opéra Garnier, Patricia Kaas will come and present her new titles (“Adèle”, “Madame tout le monde”, “Ne l’oublie Jamais”, “Cogne”, etc.) as well as the greatest successes of her already long and prestigious career (“Mon mec à moi”, “Il me dit que je suis belle”, “Une fille de l’Est”, “Entrer dans la lumière”, etc.) to her international public. A true icon in Russia, Eastern Europe, Germany and in many other countries, where she incarnates the quintessence of the Chanson française, the chick Kaas was born for the stage. It is in front of the crowd that her voice and her personality, a mixture of power and cracks, are best expressed.

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Additional Informations
Artist :
Patricia Kaas

Festival :
Monte-Carlo Sporting Summer Festival

Venue :
Opéra Garnier

Date :
9 August 2017

102,50 - 122,50 € per person

Doors open :

Sort of events :
Seated concert

Concert starts:

Dress Code :
Correct attire

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