/ Stars 80 – Fight Aids Monaco Night

Stars 80 – Fight Aids Monaco Night

The Stars 80 Tour will stop in Monaco on the 8th of July 2017, for the Monte-Carlo Sporting Summer Festival and the Fight Aids Monaco Night!


It’s already been ten years that the Stars 80 show has been touring all over France. More than three million enthusiastic spectators have already sung and danced to the rhythm of hits that will never go out of fashion, fluorescent wigs screwed onto heads and sequined glasses perched on the end of noses, plunging back into a youth that the stars of these perfectly orchestrated concerts have brought back to life. Makers of hits during a decade that was lavish with them, accompanied by their musicians and dancers, the star singers of the Top 50 hum the tunes that marked an entire epoch at a breakneck pace with no down time for almost three hours. The show will be in full swing as never before with the Stars of the 1980s.

Dresscode: 80’s


Prices: 203,50 € per person (dinner show excluding drinks) / 113,50 € per person (drink and show)

Additional Informations
Artist :
Stars 80

Festival :
Monte-Carlo Sporting Summer Festival

Venue :
Salle des Etoiles

Date :
8 July 2017

203,50 € per person excluding drinks

Doors open :

Sort of events :
Dinner show

Dinner show

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